Sorry about not posting inn awhile but we just got 2 new foster siblings and they have been keeping us quite busy. There is a 3 year old (4 in june) girl and her brother “Bubba” who is 1. they are doing pretty well. The first few days and nights were hard as they are with all fosters.

“Bubba” when we first had him was grumpy ALL THE TIME, but now he seems to like it here and like us a lot more too, and so smiles alot now. He so happens to be screaming right now, in his mind for a good reason, he knows he is tired and needs a nap but will not take a nap. 

The girl has really attached her self to Jordan (my older sister) and right now they are sharing a room.

Please pray that they will a just well and that our family will a just well with 2 new ones in the family.

His Child,



One thought on “News

  1. Sam says:

    I’m praying, Riah! Can’t wait to meet them–we’ll have to visit with each other soon! It’s been a while.

    In Christ,

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