The Pet store

The other night we went to the pet store and my little brothers’ favorite thing to look at is the fish. I really don’t know why; I think they are boring. Well last night they weren’t. My little brother was tapping on the glass trying to scare them (even though we had told him not to). Until one fish jumped out! My dad just picked it up and put it back in. Now the really sad part was that I was looking at something else in the store and missed the whole thing, so this is all told by my little brother with my Dad nodding that yes, this is all true. Well later that night he was telling my Mom what had happened (in the cutest “story telling” sounding voice ever). When he got to the end my Mom asked him if it was nice to scare the little fish by tapping on the glass and this was his reply (in a quivering mournful voice), “but HE scared me back!”  (And then in the back of the car we hear from his older brother, “It might have been a GIRL fish!!” Yes his brother is the one who always has to be RIGHT!)


PS I don’t think any fish were hurt (at least not very much).  Traumatized, very possibly!


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