Chicago part 2

Today is Bethany’s Birthday! I wish I could be there with her, but God has called me here for now.

It’s kind of weird. I just met Cathy and the rest of the family and I am staying at their house and they’re going through Lynda’s stuff and I feel like I am in the way or that I am not being helpful. I feel out of place and yet they make me feel at home as best as they can. THERE IS NO OTHER FAMILY AS LOVING AS THE SMITH/KEHREIN FAMILY! They would hate to know that I am feeling “out of place”. They help each other out so much. I had a hard time figuring out who “goes with who”. Because all of the cousins acted like siblings, which they are in the family of God, but not biological . They are so joyful and happy together. I know that they are not perfect; they are humans just like me. They just put on different glasses, seeing the good in things first.

God I pray that I keep them on! If I only realized that the glasses are really helping me, because You gave me the prescription and You are always right. I pray that I will learn all that I can while I am here and also help. I pray that this week will go the way that You know is best and that I won’t fight back, but work with You. You already have made this family, this year, this week, this day and this hour. Thank You for giving me this family; I just wished we lived closer together.

Thank You God, Amen.



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