I am so excited today. Me and Mema (my gramma) are at the Tucson airport getting ready to load onto the plane to Phoenix and then we will be going to chicago. I found out 48 hours ago that I will be going to Chicago with Mema to go say good-bye to her favorite aunt Lynda before she dies.

Later that day…

Only a few minutes left till I am at Chicago! I had to sit with people I did not know because there was no other seats next to Mema. It was okay though, we had had alot of time together at the airport(s). Well the battery is running low so I am going to stop for know.

I am here! It was a short flight for me since my last few flights have been to Africa. I am in the car on the way to Lynda’s nursing home. I am so glad to be here!!

Great great aunt Lynda is with the LORD today. She went at 12:06am this morning.

Getting to sleep at 3:00am because it took some time to get home and then none of us had not eaten, so we ate some light food. Beautiful home. We are staying at Brian and Cathy Smith’s house. Cathy is Mema’s cousin.

Please pardon any typos, I typed this on my mom’s iPod.


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