35 in 365

Proverbs 16:3
Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

An old family friend, Jennifer at Nothings and Notions, is doing something known as project 101 in 1001. You can read about it on Her blog. I was inspired to do something similar, but on a shorter time schedule. After much deliberation I decided to make 35 goals to accomplish in the next year (365 days). I inspired my sister Jordan at Heavenly Princess to do a goal list also, so go on over to check out her progress too.

Below is the list of my 35 goals that I will be working on through out this year. I hope that you will have fun watching me check them off one at a time!

  1. Blog about each goal as I finish it
  2. Record a 17 second miracle for each day for a month
  3. Memorize Proverbs 31
  4. Go on a Photo chain date with daddy
  5. Revise, edit, decide on a title and make cover art for my nano novel so that it is readable
  6. Order a proof copy of novel from CreateSpace
  7. Do NaNoWriMo November 2011 (at least 20,000 words)
  8. Script Frenzy (30 pages?)
  9. Meal plan for a month
  10. Do laundry all by myself 4 times
  11. Write down and make 4 recipes a month
  12. Make a crocheted item for Make it With Wool
  13. Keep Reach Out website updated monthly
  14. Post a picture on RO website monthly
  15. Make sourdough for a month
  16. Learn from sourdough book
  17. Have room checked every day for 3 months
  18. Organizing; closet and cubbies in my room
  19. Organizing; cabinets in kitchen
  20. Plan and teach preschool for a month
  21. Read 3 lamplighter books
  22. Read How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig
  23. Read Joyfully At Home
  24. Read Maidens of Virtue
  25. Read the New Testament
  26. Take part in a blog challenge
  27. Post a picture on my photo blog every month
  28. Post a verse every week on my blog for 3 months
  29. Have a Sister Party
  30. Start sending Newhouse News out again
  31. Journal every day for a month
  32. Send 12 e-cards through out the year to family in Nj
  33. Give a Massage to all aunts and uncles
  34. Cook 5 meals for Mema + Papa
  35. Send 12 thank you cards (or ecards)

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