Lamplighter book #1

Nobody Loves Me

I finished reading one of the three lamplighters I want to
read for goal 21. Read 3 lamplighter books.
The book was called nobody loves me by O.F. Walton. It was about an old woman who every one called miss Grumpy. She never felt loved and never let herself love until an ill kitten finds it’s way to her house. She nurses it back to health and she starts enjoying life but the one day the kitten is missing and she never sees it again. Soon she takes in an orphaned child who teaches her about God and the never ending love He has for her, but she refuses Him for she us not ready yet. The rest of the book shows how God makes her ready to welcome Him into her heart.

I hope to post a little about what Lamplighter Books are soon, but knowing me it might be awhile 😉

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