I WON!!!!

I won this writing prompt contest over at GO TEEN WRITERS!!! Third place!!! I am so excited!!! Can you tell!!!

This was the prompt :

With a name like his, there was no hope of going unnoticed.

Here is my story:
With a name like his, there was no hope of going unnoticed. It was Archibald’s sophomore year and his first day at ElkwoodHigh. He knew he had a problem when his name was longer then his school. Breakfast, the school bus and finding his first class went by nice and fast, but then someone introduced herself to him.
“salutations! My name is Ninarika-Nicolle. I am so terribly fortunate, Nicolle is spelled with two L’s.”
“Mine is Archibald.”
“That’s it? Only one moniker? It’s not even that long. Wait untilZuriel-Erasmus hears!”
The comments:
This one rocks. It’s funny! I really like how the author took a familiar idea (who hasn’t experienced anxiety walking into a new school for the first time?) but turns the conflict on its ear… the essence of comedy. Good stuff!


Tell me what you think!


Ps Go over to GO TEEN WRITERS and read the other winners if you have time!

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