Writing, writing and more writing :)

I am still writing my script, but a lot closer to my goal. Only 3 more pages to go!

As soon as I am done writing my script I have to start working on and writing my family’s news letter.

And when I am done with that I need to write my Spanish homework that I just can’t wait to do 🙂 I have the best Spanish teacher in the world!

And when I am done with that I am going to work on preparing and organizing my writing class I am going to teach! I am so EXCITED!

Hopefully when I find some time in-between all that I will be able to edit my NaNoWriMo book before August.

Can you tell I really enjoy writing? Oh, I almost forgot! Every week I write the first 100 words to a novel with the first sentence given to me as a prompt over at Go Teen Writers. 

Hope to come back soon crossing off a goal soon 🙂

PS  My Spanish teacher is my sister Jordan 🙂 I am sorry for those who are having to take Spanish from somebody else. 😦


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