This Past Week…

…Has Been Extremely BUSY!

I woke up early in the mornings this week to get ready to be a VBS small group leader. I LOVED being a small group leader evan though it was hard to be energetic about it every single day! I had 7 1st grade girls. 7 chatty girls. 7 chatty girls that were already all best friends. 6 of the girls already knew (and loved) me.

BUT! it didn’t just stop at the already tiring job of 7 girls I continued my day with a BOOTCAMP!

Okay it’s not as hard as it sounds. Here’s the full title:

Musical Bootcamp

We learn a whole musical over 2 weeks and perform it on Friday night of the second week. We also get to learn choreography to go with the songs, but in my case I co-teach it. Along with all that we get to choose 2 elective classes. Here are a sample of the choices:

Celtic Dance*

Modern Dance*


Sign Language*





and a few others.

(* performed on Friday night during a song)

(** They learn the play)

I am taking Celtic Dance and Sign Language. Jordan is teaching the Sign Language class and doing a wonderful job, of course.

Bootcamp ends at 5:00pm which means that I am at church for at least 9 hours. I was at church for 13 hours yesterday because we had the VBS program.

It was a very FUN, but tiring week and I slept in till 8:00, which is amazing for me. I am very grateful my parents gave me these opportunities to spend time with God’s children.

I am glad that Bootcamp isn’t over yet and we still have 1 more week, because I still have a lot to learn 🙂

On another note I will be posting about what my family is busy doing all summer preparing for something VERY special and EXCITING!


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