Counting my Blessings {#7}

A belated Happy Birthday to my sister Bethany! (Her Birthday was the 17th. Late, I know!)

On her birthday with her cake and ice cream

I can barely believe that she is already 12 years old! The night of Bethany’s birthday we watched some old home videos of her 2nd and 7th birthday that we celebrated up at Mt. Lemmon. She was so little and cute! But now she isn’t so little any more and she has grown up into more of a beautiful girl then the cute one she used to be.

Up on Mt. Lemmon for her 12th Birthday

She has also been such a great sister and friend to me! I am so privileged to be able to call her not only my sister, but best friend as well!


The sunset God gave us on Bethany's Birthday

Thank You God, for giving me this dear sister and friend!


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