My Photo Chain Date with Daddy

I got the idea of going on this date with my dad when I read about it on this blog:

Here is how a photo chain works: Person A (me) starts the chain by taking a photograph of something. Person A (me) then “tags” something in that photo (a color, shape, concept, etc.) Person B (My Dad) must then take a completely different photo that visually describes the tagged word from the previous photo. This continues back and forth indefinitely.

I started by taking this photo and tagging it “5”

Tag: 5       by Riahjoy

Title: 5      Tag: Round      by Mark

Title: Round      Tag: Contrast      by Riahjoy

Title: Contrast      Tag: Pattern      by Mark

Title: Pattern      Tag: Points      by Riahjoy

Title: Points      Tag: Action      by Mark

Title: Action      Tag: Parallel lines      by Riahjoy

Title: Parallel lines      Tag: Green      by Mark

Title: Green      Tag: Shadows      by Riahjoy

Title: Shadows      Tag: VII (7)      by Mark

Title: VII (7)      Tag: Rust      by Riahjoy

Title: Rust      Tag: Liberty      by Mark

Title: Liberty      Tag: White      by Riahjoy

Title: White      Tag: (TBD for next time…)      by Mark

Thank you Daddy so much for taking me on this extra special date. It was a lot of fun! I love you!

PS I now get to check off goal #4: Go on a Photo chain date with daddy √


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