Sister Party

√  Goal 29. Have a Sister Party

Yay! Another goal complete!

For my 15th birthday I had a sister party. It was a lot of fun as you can tell by the pictures 🙂

We did a “How well do you know your sister” quiz.

We did a little country dancing in the living room.

We played a get to know each other game called Whoonu (by Cranium).

We also played a word game called Linkity (by SimplyFun).

And of course we had good tea, food, and dessert 😀

In all it was an absolutely wonderful birthday!

Thanks to all who made my birthday so wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Sister Party

  1. Looks like fun! 🙂 Thanks for posting pics of Grace…she refuses to send me any because her photographer supposedly takes out-of-focus pics 😀

    Miss you girls!

  2. I cannot BELIEVE that ticker at the end of your blog, Moriah 🙂 Wow. You must really want to drive (hehehe). I got my permit several months ago, and take it from me…your nerves will not be expecting the wild ride driving will take them through.


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