Goals #3, #18, #34 and #35 COMPLETE!

√    3. Memorize Proverbs 31

I did it! I memorized Proverbs 31:10-30!

√    18. Organizing; closet and cubbies in my room

I organized my closet and cubbies 😀

√    34. Cook 5 meals for Mema + Papa — (5/5) 

I greatly enjoyed this one and I think my grandparents did too! Being able to serve them in this way was such a joy 😀

√    35. Send 12 thank you cards (or ecards) — (12/12)

Sending out thank you cards was a lot easier then I thought it would. There is so much to be thankful for!

So I have tallied up how many goals I have completed in all….





And I will post that number in my next post 😀



For now… I hope you have a VERY Happy New Year!!


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