March 2012

March, one of the busiest months in Arizona because of the amazing weather. Let’s see what fun things happened this month!

Here is what I discovered this month:

  • Hydroponics do not grow in our house
  • A lot of new stuff about my Church which just celebrated it’s 60th birthday!
  • I enjoy volleyball while it lasts, but the next day… 😛 (maybe I’m doing it wrong?)
  • I really like catching frogs

Here’s my month in pictures:

No real reason this is here, I just thought it was too cute not to share!

Enjoying the new Elephant exhibit at the zoo

We have five Elephants in all

Isn't the little one cute?

The little lion cubs at the zoo aren't so little anymore!

The big truck that comes every month to drop off food for our large food order from Azure (don't worry, we aren't the only ones ordering all the food 😉 )

Who says donuts aren't good for you?

Lots of cousin time! (pretty pink nail polish don't you think?)

That’s all for March. I apologize for it being posted so late… I will try to do better in the future.

PS I did not lie to you about posting pictures of something that happened in February. I have FINALLY got them and will post them as soon as I go through them 😉

3 thoughts on “March 2012

  1. elephantloversam says:

    Those donuts sure don’t look good for you but if they come from your house they can’t be bad :D. Enjoyed the post!

  2. For my Mom (kim) says:

    I’m Posting this for my mom since it won’t let her for some reason 🙄 :

    Donuts: sprouted white wheat flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, duck eggs, and coconut manna on top (chocolate drizzle is Wilderness Family’s healthy indulgence raw cacao syrup)! The next batch, for Joshua’s birthday, had M&M look-a-likes in the centers that were colored with vegetable dyes and sweetened w/evaporated cane juice–they were very cute 🙂 Got the donut maker at church yard sale–very fun thing we never dreamed we’d see in use at our house!

    Very good post Rye (and not just b/c I took a lot of the pics–LOL 🙂


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