My Upmost Apologies

Right now I’m sitting outside a Starbucks (without any coffee 😦 ) obviously writing an apology post to my (very few) readers. Might as well spit out the horrible news (which you have probably already figured out): I will not be postng anymore about the past month this week 🙄

Now why am I (outside, in Pheonix) at a Starbucks? For wifi. No coffee 😦 but I can smell it ^_^  Why am I in Pheonix? For the homeschool conference 😀

Sorry for keeping you waiting even longer for a (exciting?) post. It will come… eventually.

2 thoughts on “My Upmost Apologies

  1. I’m sure Jordan would love to get you an iced coffee to cool you off in the 100+ degree heat there! Sorry you forgot your money but she has a credit card WE loaded for her so you may partake using that 🙂 Have fun–love you!!!

  2. Sam says:

    OUr family isn’t there this year =[, but Mari is with some friends…if you see her tell her I say hello! Have fun, Riah!

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