National Make it with Wool Competition (part 1)

I want to start out by saying I was overwhelmed with all the blessings that came along with this trip. After seeing all the other garments I wondered why I had made it to Nationals. God sure did make it clear. So not wanting to keep these blessings to myself here is a very small glimpse compared to the very crazy fun, busy, stressful, sleepless, and awesome weekend I had in San Antonio Texas!

The Adventure started on Wednesday when we found out our Director was sick and unable to travel with us to San Antonio. I thought that sounded like a fun challenge since I love to travel. The only thing that made me nervous was arriving there with no one to greet us and having to get a taxi by ourselves! Although it was a change in plans God helped me understand His sovereignty.

Thursday morning Dad, Joshua, Jordan and I drove up to Phoenix since that was where our director lived and where we were going to fly out with her. When we got to the airport my mom called telling us we wouldn’t be needing to catch a taxi! She had mentioned to a relative on Facebook that she was sending us off alone to San Antonio. A cousin living there quickly offered to pick us up and drive us to the hotel. What relief that brought! After a safe and smooth flight we headed to the baggage claim where a woman we didn’t recognize asked if we were here for the Make it with Wool competition. Turned out she was a director that was sent to get us. Thankfully there was room in our cousins truck so she wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi back.

First view of San Antonio

cousin Dave driving

Thank you so much Cousin Dave! It was so nice to meet you 😀

Us with cousin Dave

After arriving at the hotel we had to quickly get checked in since we were running a little late. After finding our rooms we went outside to walk a bit of the river walk, which was right outside – the river even came through the hotel lobby!

Hyatt lobby

It was getting dark so the following picture isn’t that great, so you’ll have to believe me when I say it was beautiful.


We found a place to eat some dinner which we had brought from home. We savored one of the last home-cooked meals we would have that weekend. It was nice to just get to breathe and chat a little with my sister after our crazy day.

When we were done we headed back for a meeting. When the meeting was done we all played a ice breaker game, “Do you love your neighbor?” We all stood in a circle with one person in the middle being “it”. “It” would then ask someone, “Do you love your neighbor?” That person would then say, “Yes I love my neighbor (insert neighbor’s name) and (insert neighbor’s name), and I love all my neighbors who ______.” Then everyone who fell under that category (ie are wearing red) would all switch places, giving “it” a chance to find a spot leaving a new “it” in the middle. When I was asked if I loved my neighbor I answered that I did and that I also loved my neighbors who had chickens. A few other favorites were: I love my neighbors who don’t have Facebook, who has goats, and who loves to sew 😉

After the game we meet our chaperone, the director from Utah, who replaced our director who didn’t come, as well as the contestants from Utah, Tia and Jacob. We were both getting tired and still had to iron our garments that hadn’t traveled very well 😦

That’s when I finally met my roomies!

All of us in our garments while waiting to be judged on Friday. Don't know why my number's turned around...

All of us in our garments while waiting to be judged on Friday. Don’t know why my number’s turned around…

After having bed check at 10:00pm I said goodnight to my first day in San Antonio!

Stay tuned for more!


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