National Make it with Wool Competition (part 2)

[part 1]


Friday we got up at six so I could shower, eat a bit, do make-up and get dressed for judging! I wasn’t too nervous until the clock started ticking closer and closer to the time we had to be on “Hill Country” level. The morning went by so slowly as we waited for everyone to get judged. Every contestant had three minutes with the judges and then the had two minutes to talk about you before they sent in the next person. There were 30 contestants. Yes, two and half hours of just standing there, because if you sat down your garment would wrinkle! Thankfully one of the contestants was a magician so we were quite entertained!

When judging was finally over Jordan and I went with the Utah people to El Mercado to eat at Mi Tierra.El Mercado

Jordan's chicken

The people from Utah were excited about the mexican food while we on the other hand have it all the time 😀

My Tacos

After eating we did some shopping… we only ended up with two scarves, but it was fun to look around!

We rode the (off-tracks) trolley home. At every stop or turn it felt like it was going to break! But we enjoyed the ride anyways…

Jordan Trolley rider

We spent the rest of our after-noon hanging out on the roof by the pool along with Jake, Tia, and Claire.

Pool party

the view

Dinner was at Rainforest Cafe. Nothing gives you a bigger appetite then a mechanical gorilla beating it’s chest 🙄 Sadly it was too dark to take any good pictures…

Then racing back to the hotel for the Fashion Show rehearsal.

Afterwards I went to the roof to hang out by the pool again. Lots of laughter and fun memories, including dancing the two step with Jordan (right before bed check!) to the loud Jazz music coming from the street and her room mate laughing at us.

San Antonio

Such a beautiful view.

The next morning I ran to Jordan’s room to see if she wanted to see the sun rise from the roof. She quickly got ready as well as one of her room mates. Sadly when we got to the top it was way to cloudy to see the sun.

Cloudy SA

It was still a beautiful view.


We had to eat breakfast quickly so we’d be ready to go caving by 8.

Natural bridge

entrance of the cave

entering the cave



look shiny!


One last post to come!


[Part 3]

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