Goals Complete

I ment to post a lot earlier, but life got a little in the way 😉


In all I completed 27 of the 35 goals!! Of the 8 that I did not get complete 6 of them were half done. 😀


I am glad I took the challenge and completed what I could. I learned that life changes and different plans and goals arise which makes it hard for some goals made in the beginning of the year to be completed. I hope you enjoyed reading about my 35 in 365 adventure as much as I enjoyed working on the project!


Goals #3, #18, #34 and #35 COMPLETE!

√    3. Memorize Proverbs 31

I did it! I memorized Proverbs 31:10-30!

√    18. Organizing; closet and cubbies in my room

I organized my closet and cubbies 😀

√    34. Cook 5 meals for Mema + Papa — (5/5) 

I greatly enjoyed this one and I think my grandparents did too! Being able to serve them in this way was such a joy 😀

√    35. Send 12 thank you cards (or ecards) — (12/12)

Sending out thank you cards was a lot easier then I thought it would. There is so much to be thankful for!

So I have tallied up how many goals I have completed in all….





And I will post that number in my next post 😀



For now… I hope you have a VERY Happy New Year!!

Sister Party

√  Goal 29. Have a Sister Party

Yay! Another goal complete!

For my 15th birthday I had a sister party. It was a lot of fun as you can tell by the pictures 🙂

We did a “How well do you know your sister” quiz.

We did a little country dancing in the living room.

We played a get to know each other game called Whoonu (by Cranium).

We also played a word game called Linkity (by SimplyFun).

And of course we had good tea, food, and dessert 😀

In all it was an absolutely wonderful birthday!

Thanks to all who made my birthday so wonderful!

Teaching My Little Brothers

I greatly enjoyed teaching my brothers kindergarten for a whole month this year. I can’t wait to do more this coming year!

I decided to focus on the 6 days of creation for our subject. The first week we focused on day 1 & 2 (light, water, and the land) and we started what we call “The Masterpiece”. Each boy painted a big piece of paper blue to signify the water. They then drew a line “separating” the water from the sky. They then added an island to represent the land. The second week we focused on day 3 of creation adding plants to “the Masterpiece”. Week three we studied the planets for day 4 of creation. Of course we added to “the Masterpiece” as well. During the last week we barely scratched the surface of days 5 & 6 (birds, fish, and mammals).

Here is a peek into one of our “lessons” during week 4:

Here they are getting ready to do a craft about insects. We collected stuff from outside and made our own insects on "leafs"

The boys diving into the craft

I loved watching their small hands get busy (and dirty) with this craft 😀

Daniel and his insect

Joshua and his insect(s?) 😉

Now this part is always the most loved by my brothers I think: SNACK TIME!

I know that at least Joshua liked this snack 🙂

I am very proud of how “the Masterpiece” came out:

I think they're happy with the way they came out as well 😀

Joshua's "Master Piece"

Daniel's "Master Piece"


I get to check off another goal!!

  20. Plan and teach kindergarten for a month

I Won NaNoWriMo!!

I did it!! I wrote 30,000 words in 1 month!!!


I also want to congratulate my older sister for writing 50,000 words and my younger sister for writing 20,000!!


That is why there have been barely any posts this month 😦 Hopefully I will be able to post more soon, but for now…


I get to check of goal number 7!

√   7. Do NaNoWriMo November 2011 (at least 20,000 words)