Goals Complete

I ment to post a lot earlier, but life got a little in the way 😉


In all I completed 27 of the 35 goals!! Of the 8 that I did not get complete 6 of them were half done. 😀


I am glad I took the challenge and completed what I could. I learned that life changes and different plans and goals arise which makes it hard for some goals made in the beginning of the year to be completed. I hope you enjoyed reading about my 35 in 365 adventure as much as I enjoyed working on the project!


Goals #3, #18, #34 and #35 COMPLETE!

√    3. Memorize Proverbs 31

I did it! I memorized Proverbs 31:10-30!

√    18. Organizing; closet and cubbies in my room

I organized my closet and cubbies 😀

√    34. Cook 5 meals for Mema + Papa — (5/5) 

I greatly enjoyed this one and I think my grandparents did too! Being able to serve them in this way was such a joy 😀

√    35. Send 12 thank you cards (or ecards) — (12/12)

Sending out thank you cards was a lot easier then I thought it would. There is so much to be thankful for!

So I have tallied up how many goals I have completed in all….





And I will post that number in my next post 😀



For now… I hope you have a VERY Happy New Year!!

Goals #13 and #14 COMPLETE!

√    13. Keep Reach Out website updated monthly — (12/12)
√    14. Post a picture on RO website monthly — (12/12)

I updated The Reach Out website monthly AND posted a picture once a month! Two more goals COMPLETE!


Maidens of Virtue


I read this book with my mom and I learned so much!! (Review coming soon 😉 )


Thank you Mom for reading this with me! I loved spending those special night time read with you. I love you! 😀


√    24. Read Maidens of Virtue



Sister Party

√  Goal 29. Have a Sister Party

Yay! Another goal complete!

For my 15th birthday I had a sister party. It was a lot of fun as you can tell by the pictures 🙂

We did a “How well do you know your sister” quiz.

We did a little country dancing in the living room.

We played a get to know each other game called Whoonu (by Cranium).

We also played a word game called Linkity (by SimplyFun).

And of course we had good tea, food, and dessert 😀

In all it was an absolutely wonderful birthday!

Thanks to all who made my birthday so wonderful!


Teaching My Little Brothers

I greatly enjoyed teaching my brothers kindergarten for a whole month this year. I can’t wait to do more this coming year!

I decided to focus on the 6 days of creation for our subject. The first week we focused on day 1 & 2 (light, water, and the land) and we started what we call “The Masterpiece”. Each boy painted a big piece of paper blue to signify the water. They then drew a line “separating” the water from the sky. They then added an island to represent the land. The second week we focused on day 3 of creation adding plants to “the Masterpiece”. Week three we studied the planets for day 4 of creation. Of course we added to “the Masterpiece” as well. During the last week we barely scratched the surface of days 5 & 6 (birds, fish, and mammals).

Here is a peek into one of our “lessons” during week 4:

Here they are getting ready to do a craft about insects. We collected stuff from outside and made our own insects on "leafs"

The boys diving into the craft

I loved watching their small hands get busy (and dirty) with this craft 😀

Daniel and his insect

Joshua and his insect(s?) 😉

Now this part is always the most loved by my brothers I think: SNACK TIME!

I know that at least Joshua liked this snack 🙂

I am very proud of how “the Masterpiece” came out:

I think they're happy with the way they came out as well 😀

Joshua's "Master Piece"

Daniel's "Master Piece"


I get to check off another goal!!

  20. Plan and teach kindergarten for a month


Goal #33 Complete!

√     33. Give a Massage to all aunts and uncles


I did it! I gave a massage to all of my aunts and uncles who were in town. Sadly an aunt and uncle missed out on this “offer” because they live out of state, but don’t worry. I will give them a massage the next time I see them 😀




Goal 27 complete!

√   Goal 27. Post a picture on my photo blog every month

I posted a picture on my photo blog every month this year! Hopefully this has installed a habit in my posting so that there will be no HUGE gaps between new pictures and posts 😀




I Won NaNoWriMo!!

I did it!! I wrote 30,000 words in 1 month!!!


I also want to congratulate my older sister for writing 50,000 words and my younger sister for writing 20,000!!


That is why there have been barely any posts this month 😦 Hopefully I will be able to post more soon, but for now…


I get to check of goal number 7!

√   7. Do NaNoWriMo November 2011 (at least 20,000 words)


Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 3

Challenge of the day:

Tuesday – Bold Tights {color, prints, patterns, lace-y…}

My outfit today:


Today Shark joined me!