Camp Saddlebrooke/House Renovations! 6/11-15/13 {Flashback Friday}

Bethany, Joshua and I got to enjoy a retreat at Camp Saddlebrooke (aka my grandparent’s house 😉 ).

We got to enjoy lovely, cool morning walks…

Morning walk

fun time in the pool…


puzzles (three to be precise)…


and wildlife sightings!

can you see the bobcat?

can you see the bobcat?

…while our parents lived at home during the popcorn removal off our ceilings:

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Thank you SO MUCH Gramma and Papa for having us over while the work was being done so we didn’t have to breathe all the dust (and even that extra night/day because the work was taking longer then planned). Thanks to Mema and Papa too who had Jordan and Daniel!


Zoo – 4-5-13 {Flashback Friday}

When some family came down from Prescott we all enjoyed a day at the zoo! Hope you enjoy a few of the cute pictures my dad and I took 🙂

Josh 1

Josh “scheming”

Josh 2

and “thinking”. What a silly boy!

Josh 3

Trying not to smile for the camera…

Josh 4

and not succeeding!


Giraffe feeding!


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The zoo!

We love our zoo!