SetApart Girl Conference – 5/31-6/1/13 {Flashback Friday}

This year’s SetApart Girl Conference was amazing!


We worked with the Ormand’s church and we’re able to use their building to reach a bigger group then last year in my small living room



I am so grateful for the Ormand family and all they did to help grow my vision and share this conference with others!

Sabino Canyon – 8/25/12 {Flashback Friday}

I love Sabino Canyon, especially around the time when there’s lots of water – which brings frogs and tadpoles, two other things I love.


I also convinced my siblings to wear orange – one more thing I love.

For this trip to the Canyon we took the tram to the top and then worked our way down catching the tram every few stops. We found a really great spot with lots of tadpoles, but no frogs 😦


We quickly emptied one of our water bottles and began catching the squiggle things. I think the max we had in the bottle at one time was 17…

After Lunch we continued to work our way down stopping at another body of water. We found more wild life there! A snake!


My position to capture the slithering snake. He wasn't too happy about me being there...

My position to capture the slithering snake. He wasn’t too happy about me being there…

and A FROG πŸ˜€


It was a great day with wonderful weather and beautiful skies, so of course my dad and I took lots of pictures…

Enjoy the slideshow below!

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