January 2012

I can’t believe that the first month of 2012 is already over! WOW! 😀

Here is what I discovered this month:

  • That I miss Africa more then I thought
  • I love Rend Collective!
  • That leading people to Christ can happen in places you wouldn’t have thought they would!
  • That 2 weekend trips to north Arizona in a row can really wipe you out!

Here are some pictures (because pictures are worth 100 words 😉 ):

Trip to the Zoo with brother and cousin


Rachel Chan singing with Rend Collective

Rachel with girls

Posing with Rachel Chan after the concert

Rachel Chan

Rend Collective (they are from Ireland!)

All dressed up for a friends birthday ball

Getting to meet the twins!!

(Jennifer Hanson’s twin boys)

My sweet siblings sitting on the rocks in Prescott