Hello Blog


It’s been awhile.

I practically feel like I’m starting a new blog!

So far 2014 has looked like this for me:

January- I housesat 14 days, we celebrated my parents 25th Anniversary (woot!), and participated in a Civil War reenactment across town.

February – I started leading our HighSchool worship team on Wednesday nights and went with Jordan to Pheonix for 5 days to participate in a Justice For All training and outreach.

March – Enjoyed fellowship around a bonfire, as well as at our Church picnic a couple days later!

April – Performed with a band in our homeschool group’s talent show and celebrated Joshua’s 7th birthday on the 10th along with my Dad’s birthday at the end of the month. AND we went to the Grand Canyon and stayed in a trailer (but that’s a long story for another time)

May – Choreographed Musical Bootcamp and taught 50+ teens in one week!

June – Left for the Dominican Republic on the 6th, Jordan’s 22nd birthday, and had an amazing 2 weeks there working hard, building a great team, reaching out, loving on children and sharing God’s love. I missed Father’s day with my dad, but made him this song. 3 days after arriving back in the states my Dad and I drove my sister to Kansas, her new home! She is now working as an intern with Justice For All!

And that brings us to July! The coming weeks are packed for me, so it’s likely I’ll disappear again, though not so long this time! Family coming into town and a lot of housesitting for my sister and me!

Hope that helps get this blog up to speed 🙂 I’ll be posting about a highlight from my trip to the Dominican Republic soon, so stay tuned…

❤ Riahjoy


PS How do you like the new blog look?


Daddy’s Birthday! – 4-29-13 {Flashback Friday}

Birthday sign

Delicious chocolate ice cream and cake with whipped cream, cherries, coconut and chocolate sprinkles for breakfast!!!

Delicious chocolate ice cream and cake with whipped cream, cherries, coconut and chocolate sprinkles for breakfast!!!

Presents Yum!

I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful Daddy! He’s loving, caring, thoughtful, a good listener, a hard worker, my teacher, and an amazing husband!

Thank you for…

…Doing {stuff} with me

… Driving {fast} with me

…Daring {far} with me

…Dancing {whenever} with me

…Dreaming {big} with me

I love you Daddy!

Great Papa’s Burial – 4-10-13 {Flashback Friday}


After a short and sweet celebration of Joshua’s birth, we met with our family and said goodbye to our dear Great Grandpa, but oh what peace it brings to know that it was only his old, broken body that we must say goodbye to and never see again; for we know that we will see him in heaven one day with a new, perfect body!

It was such a beautiful celebration of his life, love, and legacy of family, music, and dedication to the King of kings.


A Trim?

Before 2

As you can see in the above picture my hair was in need of a trim due to the damage on the ends. I went in hoping for a small trim since I’m trying to grow it out…

Before 1

I’ll tell the truth: I was not happy with the way it turned out. A lot more was taken off then I had been planning on. Did I not communicate well with the hair dresser? or was my hair really that damaged? Thankfully I have loving family and friends that set me straight and a God that calls me beautiful, as long as I strive to reflect the image of his Son!

AFter 1 after 2 After 3


Thank you Bethany for taking these wonderful pictures!

Easter – through the years

Remember the below picture from this post? I thought it would be fun to show pictures of us from the past few years! Hope you enjoy 😀

2012, Miss J had the part of Anna in the Easter play this year. She had a few AMAZING solos!

2011, Sadly I don’t have a picture of all three of us in 2011, so this will have to do…



I find it pretty funny that Miss J and I have around the same length hair each year!

April 2012

I just realized today that I never posted about the month of April! Sorry!

Here is what I discovered this month:

  • That I don’t know the 10 plagues God sent to Egypt 🙄
  • I LOVE frogs! (did I mention that last time?)
  • Cousin and Aunt time is AMAZING
  • I miss my Uncle 😦
  • Scrap-booking from 8am-8pm with the only break being spent doing sign language at a funeral is VERY draining
  • Some people thing my photography is worth a Best of Class ribbon!

Here’s my month in pictures:

*click on the pictures to see them bigger

Note: My dad had his birthday as well, but I couldn’t find a great picture 😦