National Make it with Wool Competition (part 3)

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After the cave we had some time for lunch before our last rehearsal. Jordan and I got to enjoy this meal all to ourselves with some yummy gluten free Mexican soups!

Walking back along the river walk to the hotel for the rehearsal

Afternoon river walk

We did a lot of sitting around at this one as they tried to figure out sound, order, lights, project, etc.,. Once again we were entertained by the talented young magician who always had a crowd formed around him…

Our entertainment

always surrounded

Let’s just say he got a lot of practice over the weekend!

After the rehearsal Jacob, Jordan and I took our last chance to visit the Alamo.

sisters at the Alamo

Not as big as I had originally thought, but not too shockingly small.

the Alamo

We then rushed back to the hotel to make sure we were ready for the fashion show!

All ran smoothly, but the excitement built as the night went on as we all waited to hear who had won!

And the winner is… Jordan Newhouse with fifth place and the top Mohair award!

After everything was over the party people went to the pool for a “party”. Okay. They sat in the pool and shivered, I just put my legs in. It was still fun 😉

Then we hung out and had pizza.

My legs hurt so bad. I probably should have relaxed and sat down in the afternoon instead of running off to the Alamo!

My legs hurt so bad. I probably should have relaxed and sat down in the afternoon instead of running off to the Alamo!

Although it was a lot of fun I had a really hard time knowing that it was our last day and that we would all be saying our goodbyes soon. That’s why we came up with a plan! The Utah people were heading to the airport at 4am so we thought we would go with them and hang out a little longer instead of catching a taxi just a few hours later. It was a late night of packing giving us only 2 1/2-3 hours of sleep; Tia didn’t even go to sleep!

After arriving at the airport we were forced to say our goodbyes since they were flying through a different airline.


We checked in and lined up for security surprised to find they were in line just in front of us! Turns out their airlines terminal was under construction so they had the gate right next to ours! That meant we had just a little bit more time to hang…

Sure glad I grabbed that travel boggle last minute...

Sure glad I grabbed that travel boggle last minute…

Airport boggle 2

Yes, we’re playing on top of the sewing machine Jacob won and had to bring as a carry-on

After they left I thanked God for the extra bit of time we got together. Only God could’ve orchestrated something like that!

San Antonio Airport

Jordan and I still had four hours to kill until our flight would be leaving… so we did a photo shoot! Jordan is so easy to photograph!

Photo shoot with sis

But after that we just sat and I have to admit I cried, a lot. I’m such a people person that I made friends fast over the weekend, which made it harder to say goodbye. I was completely overwhelmed with all God had taught me; at a NATIONAL SEWING COMPETITION! My God sure is creative.


New Mexico?

New Mexico?

Even after we landed we still had a long leg of our journey to complete. My dad had gotten sick so we had to take a shuttle back to Tucson. It was a long hard day, but thankfully smooth and safe. It was good to be back home!


I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into what the National’s MIWW competition was like and all that I learned and experienced!